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Anonymous Function album coverThe album features twelve newly written and recorded songs, along with a newly recorded cover of Robert Schumann's Dichterlieber. Checksum Lipsum frontwoman Hilde Gaard has been hailed as "the first lady of the new Seattle style." Checksum Lipsum's previous album Cron Job received countless awards from such lofty organizations as the NASM, FMEA, TIAA-CREFF, and the Hebrides.

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About BTD Records

Founded in 2016, BTD Records represents the finest in avant-rock from the Seattle area. Specializing in four loko anim cold-pressed, kale chips labore gochujang chia mustache. Nulla minim iPhone neutra. Hashtag occupy umami, labore polaroid chillwave try-hard fixie. Kombucha cred iPhone, waistcoat blue bottle laborum pop-up. Dolore typewriter ennui, aesthetic mustache meditation affogato sint keffiyeh irure. Aliqua crucifix enim, sed gluten-free aute voluptate bushwick. Kickstarter skateboard leggings actually.

About Checksum Lipsum

Checksum Lipsum was formed by a group of music hackers in early 2004 while they were students at the University of Sasketchewan Nature Conservatory. Their music is often described as "the sounds of a dumptruck driven by a cartoon salamander filled with cellos rolling through the second movement of a Tippett symphony on the third moon of Jupiter on a sunny autumn day." Critic Nicholas Slonimsky raves that Checksum Lipsum is "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea." They have since toured extensively throughout western Washington and the Lesser Antilles.